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Urgent Care vs ER Visits Near Long Beach CA and Paramount CA

Urgent Care vs ER Visits in Long Beach CA and Paramount CA

Urgent care and emergency room visits serve distinct purposes. Urgent care is appropriate for non-life-threatening conditions that need prompt attention but are not emergencies. ER visits, on the other hand, are reserved for severe or life-threatening conditions that require rapid medical intervention. Learn more about the difference between urgent care and emergency care below. For more information, contact us now. We have convenient locations to serve you.

Urgent Care vs ER Visits Near Me in Long Beach CA and Paramount CA
Urgent Care vs ER Visits Near Me in Long Beach CA and Paramount CA

Table of Contents:

When is going to the ER necessary?
When is it better to go to urgent care over the ER?
Where are your urgent care clinics in Long Beach CA and Paramount CA?

Sometimes going to the emergency room (ER) is absolutely necessary, while other times it can be better to go to an urgent care clinic. It can be difficult to tell when you should go to one over the other, especially if your symptoms are new to you. Read on to learn about urgent care vs. ER visits, when the ER is necessary, and the benefits of going to urgent care clinics for minor ailments.

When is going to the ER necessary?

When someone is suffering from a serious, life-threatening condition, he or she absolutely must go to the ER. Even if the person isn’t sure whether their condition could be life-threatening, they must still go to the ER. This is so important to remember because only the ER is properly equipped to help patients suffering from a life-threatening condition.

It can be difficult to determine whether your condition could be life threatening, so if you’re unsure, go to the ER. Some serious and life-threatening illnesses and injuries include, but are not limited to:

• Severe respiratory issues
• Severe chest pain
• Severe abdominal pain
• Severe back, neck, or head injury
• Fever in a newborn
• Poisoning, such as chemical poisoning
• Any stroke symptoms, like vision loss, slurred speech, or serious confusion
• Suicidal feelings
• Moderate or severe burns
• Uncontrollable bleeding
• Fractured bones that are visible through the skin
• Seizures or convulsions
• Unconsciousness, or feeling as though you might lose consciousness
• And others, so please use your judgement

When is it better to go to urgent care over the ER?

If you’re sure that your illness or injury is not life-threatening, then you can go to an urgent care provider. For these minor ailments, it’s actually better to get urgent care. This is because if you were to go to the ER to have a minor ailment treated, you would be deprioritized under patients suffering from serious, life-threatening ailments. You would experience wait times, but with urgent care, wait times are minimal.

For minor ailments, urgent care clinics can get you in and out the door faster than the ER can. Urgent care for minor ailments is also less expensive, and you can get insurance coverage for urgent care. Urgent care can be even more convenient than going to your family doctor! Urgent care clinics also offer family service, including pediatric and geriatric service.

You can come to urgent care clinics like Reddy Urgent Care for many common minor ailments such as:

• Minor cuts, minor burns, and other minor injuries
• Minor allergies/allergic reactions
• Flu in adults, and other illnesses
• STDs
• Minor respiratory problems, and Asthma
• Minor abdominal pain and other common gastrointestinal ailments
• Insect bites
• And almost all other minor ailments!

Where are your urgent care clinics in Long Beach CA and Paramount CA?

Reddy Urgent Care has 4 urgent care clinics near you. We are a walk-in clinic, so you can simply come in for a visit, with no appointment necessary. We offer many other useful services like physicals, vaccinations, worker’s comp, onsite x-rays, lab testing, ultrasounds, prescription pickups, wellness support, and more. We also offer an amazingly convenient mobile medical service! Please call us for more information about this service.

Reddy’s doors are open for you Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. We look forward to treating you and your family here at Reddy Urgent Care!

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