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Urgent Care Near Lakewood CA

Urgent Care Near Lakewood, CA

Reddy Urgent Care specializes in medical services for all ages. Walk-in today. No appointments are needed. We have convenient locations to serve you.

Urgent Care Near Me in Lakewood, CA
Urgent Care Near Me in Lakewood, CA

Table of Contents:

What does urgent care treat?
Is urgent care cheaper than ER?
Do I need to make an appointment for urgent care?
How can I get Urgent Care near Lakewood, CA?

When you’re suffering from a minor illness or injury and you want immediate care, there’s no better place to go than an urgent care clinic. And when you come to Reddy Urgent Care, you can expect excellent service, on-the-spot treatment, and long-term support for you and your family. For urgent care near Lakewood CA, you just can’t go wrong with Reddy Urgent Care and our services.

What does urgent care treat?

Urgent care clinics like Reddy Urgent Care diagnose and treat common, minor ailments for individuals of any age. This means that if you have a non-life-threatening illness or injury, you can be treated at an urgent care clinic. However, if you have a life-threatening illness or injury, or if you’re not sure whether it could be life-threatening, then you must go to the emergency room (ER). Only the ER is properly equipped to help patients with life-threatening ailments.

If your ailment is only minor, but still requiring prompt attention, then urgent care is your best option. It’s more convenient, affordable, and quicker than going to the ER or even your doctor for a minor ailment. Here at Reddy, we have an onsite lab, x-ray machine, and ultrasound device to help us diagnose and treat more ailments than your family doctor likely can. Some of the conditions urgent care clinics like Reddy treat include:

• Colds, coughs, and other illnesses
• Minor fractures, minor cuts, and other minor injuries
• Gastrointestinal problems, like minor abdominal pain
• Insect bites
• STDs
• Allergies and minor allergic reactions
• Asthma or other respiratory issues
• And most other minor ailments

Reddy Urgent Care can provide many other services like checkups, physicals, vaccinations, drug testing, worker’s comp, x-rays, lab testing, ultrasounds, prescriptions, wellness support, full family support, and more.

Is urgent care cheaper than ER?

Urgent care is less expensive than the ER, but remember, urgent care clinics are not properly equipped to treat patients suffering from a life-threatening condition.

Typically, a visit to the ER to treat a non-life-threatening condition will cost more than $150, and sometimes much more. A visit to an urgent care center will cost an average of $120, and rarely much more than that. Insurance coverage can bring down these costs significantly. We work with major insurance providers to help you cover your visit with us.

Costs vary, and there could be additional costs if you require treatment beyond your initial visit, or if you need any prescription medication. Please contact us at Reddy Urgent Care to learn more about our pricing.

Do I need to make an appointment for urgent care?

Another one of the excellent benefits of urgent care is that you don’t need to make an appointment! In fact, you can simply walk right in for immediate service, right on the spot. You’ll be greeted promptly, asked about your issue, and then treated by a certified doctor. With Reddy Urgent Care, you can make an appointment if you’d prefer to, but it’s not required.

How can I get Urgent Care near Lakewood, CA?

Get in touch with us here at Reddy Urgent Care! We offer both onsite and offsite service for the most convenient service available from a healthcare provider.

Reddy Urgent Care has 2 urgent care clinics near Long Beach CA area and we’re open extended hours and weekends for your convenience. We’re available to you Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. We invite you to come on over to our clinic for quick, convenient, caring service here at Reddy Urgent Care!

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