Urgent Care Near Cerritos, CA

Reddy Urgent Care has 4 walk-in clinics in southern california. If you are looking for an urgent care near Cerritos, California Area, our Huntington Beach urgent care is just a short drive away located at 7772 Warner Ave #103, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. We offer a wide range of walk-in medical services, including urgent care, pediatric urgent care, on-site lab & ultrasound services, worker’s comp, and much more. Please give us a call us today or walk-in, no appointment is necessary.

Urgent Care Near Cerritos, CA
Urgent Care Near Cerritos, CA

Injuries and Illnesses Treated

Any of our locations are able to treat a variety of illnesses like infections. For instance, we treat sinus infections and upper respiratory infections. We treat sore throats caused by strep throat as well as those not caused by it. At our clinic, we prescribe methods to ease symptoms of untreatable viruses like the cold and flu. We can even test for urinary tract infections and prescribe the necessary treatment.

You may come into any of our offices if you should happen to slip and fall and break or fracture a bone. We help with strains and sprains. You may also come in for insect bites and bee stings, even if you’re having a minor allergic reaction. We remove ticks safely to prevent complications like Lyme disease. At any of the five offices, you may come in if you have a cut, scrape, or laceration treated.

Diagnostics We Provide

All of our facilities have both X-ray and sonogram technology available to diagnose broken bones and tissue injuries as well as other issues. The X-rays capture an image of the bones while sonograms take pictures of tissue, organs, and vessels.

Each of our locations has an on-site laboratory with testing equipment for strep cultures, urinalyses, and complete blood cell counts (CBCs). We can evaluate blood glucose levels and test for pregnancy. We may perform a blood chemistry test that analyzes your blood for electrolytes.

Why Choose Us

First and foremost, we treat patients of all ages. Additionally, we thoroughly screen our staff and all of them have the necessary credentials to effectively care for patients. You receive high-quality care in our office and are always treated with respect and compassion. Plus, you receive all the patient education necessary to care for your illness or injury at home.

No matter which location you select, you’ll receive care as soon as possible. Our wait times are minimal. We want you to be able to get back to your life as soon as possible with little inconvenience. Since we don’t handle life-threatening issues, you see a doctor based on your arrival time, not the severity of your condition. In a majority of cases, the price to visit us is much less than going to the emergency room.

We offer 4 locations in Southern California to make getting to us as easy as possible.

Walk in to one of our 4 locations or call us to learn more. You may reach our locations at:

Reddy Urgent Care – Downtown Long Beach, CA

Reddy Urgent Care – Bixby Knolls Long Beach, CA

Reddy Urgent Care –  Huntington Beach, CA

Reddy Urgent Care –  Paramount, CA