Urgent Care Clinic Providing Crutches in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Paramount, CA

Have you injured your leg or foot? Visit Reddy Urgent Care for crutches to aid with walking and standing.

Urgent Care Clinic Providing Crutches in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Paramount, CA
Urgent Care Clinic Providing Crutches in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Paramount, CA

If you suffer a fracture or a severe sprain in your lower extremities, you will likely need crutches to move around. In order for an injury to your leg, ankle, knee, or foot to properly heal, you must take all pressure off of it. In many cases, especially for a broken bone, a brace or cast will need to be used to immobilize the area so it can heal properly. Unfortunately, these injuries do not heal overnight, and chances are you will need crutches for mobility for a period of time. At Reddy Urgent Care in Huntington Beach, CA and Long Beach, CA we can supply you with the crutches you need during your difficult recovery time. Get what you need today with no appointment required!

What are Crutches?

There are several different varieties of crutches, but they serve the same functions:

  • Prevent additional injuries or strains
  • Keep pressure and weight off an injury
  • Allow movement and mobility without using an injured limb

The type of crutch you select is an essential part of the recovery process. Our board-certified doctors can help you pick which one is best for you and can serve your needs the best.

Types of Crutches

Just like different medications are prescribed for various diseases, there are different crutches for different injuries. There is also a variety as some patients may find it easier to use one type of crutches versus another. Finding the right one you are comfortable with is vital to your recovery. The different variety of crutches include:

Underarm crutches

These are the most common type of crutches people use to get around. A padded support bar goes underneath your arm and is supported by several weight-supporting shafts in a V-shaped frame. Patients use one or two of these crutches to get around, using the crutch in place of the injured limb.

Forearm Crutches

Though related to underarm crutches, there are a few differences. Instead of a pad resting underneath the armpit, two cuffs attach to a patient’s forearm, and they grip the crutch firmly with their hands. Generally, a patient will use these crutches when they can still use both legs but are still in pain. For some people, these crutches may be easier to use than underarm crutches.

Leg Support Crutches

This final type of crutch is less common than the first two and are generally only used for minor injuries of the lower leg. A brace that attaches to a patient’s leg transfers the weight from their lower leg to an uninjured upper leg. This crutch has the advantage that it does not require a patient’s hands to use.

Crutches are a great tool when someone has reduced mobility due to an injury. Your legs, back, and hips can be extremely painful when injured, and they can immobilize someone. Trying to use an injured limb will only delay the healing process and may even cause more damage. Using a crutch under the advice and supervision of one of our doctors is the best way for an injury to heal quickly and correctly. Visit us today so we can evaluate your injury to see if a crutch is right for you!

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