Urgent Care Near Seal Beach, CA

Reddy Urgent Care has 4 convenient walk-in clinics near you open 7 days a week for your convenience. Our expert doctors & medical staff offer a wide range of services, such as urgent care, pediatric urgent care, on-site lab & ultrasound services, worker’s comp, and more. Call your nearest location today or simply walk-in, no appointment is necessary.

Urgent Care Near Seal Beach CA
Urgent Care Near Seal Beach CA

An urgent care facility offers more than you realize. With imaging technology, pediatric care, and worker’s compensation services, Reddy Urgent Care provides the Seal Beach CA area with a solution for a variety of their healthcare needs. For your convenience, no appointments are necessary.  Just walk in and receive the diagnostics and treatment you need.

About Our General Urgent Care Services

If you have nausea or vomiting, you may come to our office for diagnosing and treatment to calm your symptoms. We help those who have a cold or the flu ease their discomfort to get through their day. We’re able to diagnose and treat upper respiratory, sinus, and strep infections. Part of our scope of practice entails providing treatment for ear infections and earaches. We even help those during allergy season find the relief they need.

For those who get hurt during sports or life in general, we can determine the extent of the injury. Then, we provide the appropriate treatment. Our clinic is able to cast broken or fractured bones. Patients who have a strain or sprain may come into our office and get relief from their pain and discomfort too.

Additionally, we see individuals who have insect bites or bee stings, and we can even perform tick removal. A practitioner can diagnose and treat rashes. We see patients who have minor burns, lacerations, and scrapes as well.

About Our Pediatric Urgent Care

We have the knowledge and testing available to us to care for patients under 18. We even see patients who are under the age of 18 weeks. We’re capable of addressing minor injuries and illnesses in children Our office prides ourselves on our ability to provide friendly and accurate care to our younger patients. In addition, we ease the minds of parents.

Our Diagnostic Testing

Although we diagnose many issues just based on your symptoms, we have imaging machines and a laboratory to assist. We have X-ray technology available on-site to get a clear image of your internal structure. This allows us to diagnose broken or fractured bones as well as check for fluid in your lungs. In addition, we use ultrasounds to get a view of your soft tissue.

We have a laboratory at our facility where we conduct blood tests and urinalyses. For example, our blood testing can evaluate your electrolyte levels through a chemistry panel. We use blood testing to look at your blood cell count, which can help us diagnose infections. We can perform pregnancy testing through a urine test.

Our Worker’s Compensation Services

We supply patients through the Seal Beach CA area with the option for worker’s compensation examinations. We provide you with the option to come to our office for a physical exam. We determine if you qualify for worker’s compensation. We evaluate how serious your issue is and will provide you with the necessary treatment as well.

Type of Treatments We Provide

For patients with lacerations, we may stitch or staple the area. We thoroughly clean wounds and apply the appropriate dressing. We cast broken bones and can fit you for a brace for strains and sprains. We’re able to prescribe non-narcotic pain medications, antibiotics, prescription-strength allergies medications, and steroid creams, just to name a few.

Feel free to just walk into our clinic! Reddy Urgent Care is located at 123 Atlantic Ave Long Beach, CA 90802 in Downtown Long Beach CA, near Seal Beach CA and surrounding areas.

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