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Urgent Care in Bellflower, CA

Urgent Care Near Bellflower, CA

Reddy Urgent Care has convenient walk-in clinics in Southern California, all of which are open 7 days a week. Our experienced doctors treat patients of all ages. Simply call us today or walk-in, no appointment is needed.

Urgent Care Near Me in Bellflower, CA
Urgent Care Near Me in Bellflower, CA

Table of Contents:

Illnesses and Injuries We Treat
Diagnostics We Provide
Treatments We Supply

You or your child may get sick or hurt at any time. It doesn’t always happen when your doctor’s office is open. The emergency room has many drawbacks if it’s not a true emergency including the price and wait time. However, Reddy Urgent Care, serving the Bellflower, CA area, is available later hours than doctor’s offices and on the weekends. Plus, we accept walk-ins, making it as convenient for you as possible.

Illnesses and Injuries We Treat

We treat patients of all ages ranging from infants to seniors. We handle minor illnesses and injuries like ear infections to broken bones.

We’re capable of helping those who are having a mild to moderate asthma attack. We assist those who are suffering from an ear infection, upper respiratory infection, strep throat, sinus infection, or conjunctivitis (pink eye). We’re even able to test and treat urinary tract infections. We help patients who have sore throats and coughs for other reasons besides bacteria. Those who have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or mild stomach cramping may visit our office for relief as well.

We see patients on a regular basis who come into our office as the result of a sports-related injury or other personal injury, we provide treatment for sprains, strains, fractures, and broken bones. If you should happen to have a cut, burn, abrasion, or laceration, we can treat that too.

Our scope of practice also allows us to care for:

• Rashes
• Skin infections
• Abscesses
• Bee stings
• Bug bite
• Tick removal
• Boils

Diagnostics We Provide

While in some cases we may diagnose your issue just based on your symptoms, we often need to use imaging, blood work, or a urinalysis to get an accurate diagnosis. The imaging technology we use is highly accurate. At our facility, we have an X-ray machine that takes images we use to check for broken bones and even fluid in your lungs. Sometimes, we use our ultrasound machine to examine your soft tissue. We have an on-site laboratory where we can conduct a complete blood cells count (CBC) or chemistry panel. When we suspect you have symptoms of a urinary tract infection, we can perform a urinalysis.

Treatments We Supply

For bacterial infections, we prescribe an appropriate antibiotic based on the cause of the infection. For instance, we use penicillin to correct issues like sinus infections and ear infections. It’s possible to receive a prescription for ceftriaxone if you have a urinary tract infection.

For cuts, scrapes, and other lacerations, we’ll cleanse the area well to prevent infection. If you already have an infection, we can prescribe a treatment to resolve the problem. Once we clean the area thoroughly, we may need to stitch, staple, or dress the wound. For bug bites and bee stings, we prescribe a cream to ease your symptoms and reduce inflammation and irritation. Using precision, we completely remove a tick. This prevents possible complications like Lyme disease.

Once we determine you have a sprain, strain, or break, we take the appropriate measures. For instance, we’ll cast a broken bone. On the other hand, a patient with a strain or sprain may receive a brace.

Our patients also receive education to help them treat their issue at home. Additionally, we explain ways to prevent the issue from happening in the future.

Walk in today. Our address is: 4237 Atlantic Ave Long Beach, CA 90807 or learn more about treatment for minor injuries or illnesses by calling Reddy Urgent Care, serving Bellflower, CA and surrounding areas at:

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