IV Antibiotics Treatment in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Paramount, CA

Walk in today for IV antibiotics treatment with no appointment needed.

IV Antibiotics Treatment in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Paramount, CA
IV Antibiotics Treatment in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Paramount, CA

Are you suffering from an infection in Long Beach, CA or Huntington Beach, CA area? A doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics to help fight the disease. While these are usually in the form of pills, there are times when you need the medication faster. Introducing medicines into your body via an IV is the ideal way to deliver that medication and have it absorbed by your body quickly. Not only can your body use the antibiotics faster to fight the infection, but it is absorbed far more efficiently via an IV compared to taking medication orally. While not available at all urgent care centers, the highly trained staff and board-certified doctors at Reddy Urgent Care are available seven days a week for this service, if needed with no appointment required. Whether or not you need IV Antibiotics is something our doctor will determine when you visit our walk-in clinic.

What are IV Fluids and IV Antibiotics?

IV is shorthand for intravenous. IV Fluids means intravenous fluids and IV Antibiotics means intravenous antibiotics. IV Fluids are usually used to treat dehydration, and consist of a large amount of water mixed with needed electrolytes and vitamins. IV Antibiotics work much the same way, with the addition of antibiotics added in to help fight an infection. In most cases, IV Antibiotics will also have fluids to hydrate you. You may be surprised to learn that a good portion of the population is chronically dehydrated. Hydrating your body and introducing antibiotics are a powerful force to help clear up a lingering infection. The antibiotics are introduced into your bloodstream via a small tube called an IV. It is inserted into a vein and the bag of fluid, containing the antibiotics, slowly drips down the tube and into your system.

Where Can I Go for IV Antibiotics?

IV Antibiotics are common in emergency rooms and hospitals and are starting to become more common in urgent care centers. Reddy Urgent Care is one of the first centers to offer IV Antibiotics if one of our doctors determine that it is the best course of treatment.
The advantages of coming to Reddy Urgent Care instead of an emergency room are two-fold. First, you will avoid the long waits before finally being seen by a doctor. Second, by and large, the costs related to visiting an urgent care center are much smaller than a traditional ER. Come in for a quick diagnosis, and if needed, IV antibiotics to help clear up an infection.

What should I expect when receiving IV Antibiotics at Reddy Urgent Care?

First, the doctor will evaluate your current medical condition to see if IV antibiotics are needed. The over-prescription of antibiotics is something we take very seriously at Reddy Urgent Care, and if this course of treatment won’t help your condition, it will not be used. Once it is determined that IV antibiotics are the best choice for you and an area for the infusion is found, we will disinfect that part of your skin. Then, an IV catheter will be inserted into the vein, and the IV antibiotics will be delivered via a fluid bag that is hung at a higher position allowing gravity to deliver the treatment slowly. The regulation of the IV antibiotics is generally done via an electric pump or manually, depending on the nature of the infection and treatment.

Reddy Urgent Care has three locations near you open 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Friday or from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekends. No appointment is ever needed to be seen by our board-certified doctors to determine if you need IV Antibiotics at our urgent care center.

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