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Sprains and Broken Ankles

Urgent Care for Sprains and Broken Ankles Near Long Beach, and Paramount, CA

Reddy Urgent Care treats patients suffering from sprains, strains, and fractures. Sprains and broken ankles can be very painful, but proper medical care has significant benefits for a quick recovery. A sprain is characterized by pain, edema, bruising, and difficulty moving the injured joint. Seeking treatment provides benefits such as pain reduction, reduced swelling, and the avoidance of further complications. No appointments are needed. For more information, contact us. We have convenient locations to serve you.

Urgent Care for Sprains and Broken Ankles Near Me in Long Beach, and Paramount, CA
Urgent Care for Sprains and Broken Ankles Near Me in Long Beach, and Paramount, CA

Table of Contents:

What do I do if I have a fracture?
What do I do if I have a sprain or strain?
Where can I go for urgent care for sprains and broken ankles near Long Beach?

If you or a loved one gets a strain, sprain, or minor fracture, then it’s important to treat it right away. This is when urgent care is so convenient and even necessary. With urgent care, you don’t need to make an appointment, so you can walk right in for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

When you come to Reddy Urgent Care, we’ll be able to perform any minor tests or take any X-rays we require to diagnose your injury. Then we’ll treat the injury and apply a cast if necessary. Soon after, you’ll be back on your way.

Some of our patients aren’t sure what type of injury they have or when it’s important to go to the emergency room (ER) for an injury, like a fracture. Read on to learn more about sprains, strains, and fractures and how you should get them treated.

What do I do if I have a fracture?

If you believe you have a fracture, then it’s very important to consider what type of fracture it could be. Fractures are broken bones, so they’re to be taken seriously. If you believe your fracture could be life-threatening, then you must call 911 and get emergency care. For example, call 911 if the fractured bone is visible through the skin. This is a serious, compound fracture requiring emergency care.

A minor fracture isn’t always so obvious. There will likely be symptoms like swelling, bruising, a loss of function in the area, pain in the area that gets worse if you move the area or apply pressure to it, and possibly a deformity in the area. For broken ankles, these symptoms will likely be present, along with difficulty bearing weight on the ankle. For any minor fractures with these symptoms, you can get urgent care.

It’s important to have a professional check out a minor fracture because if you leave it untreated, it could become significantly worse. For minor fracture treatment near Long Beach, come to Reddy Urgent Care.

What do I do if I have a sprain or strain?

These are common injuries that occur when a ligament within a joint stretches or tears. When you come to Reddy Urgent Care with a strain or sprain, we’ll determine its severity and the appropriate treatment.

These injuries can be quite painful, but there are many ways of treating the pain and healing the injury. Usually, over-the-counter medication can address the pain adequately. Many strains and sprains can be treated at home with ice packs, compression, and elevation of the injured area. However, for severe sprains and torn ligaments, sometimes surgical intervention is necessary. If you do require any surgery, we’ll offer you the appropriate referral and medications.

Where can I go for urgent care for sprains and broken ankles near Long Beach?

Here at Reddy Urgent Care, we receive many patients with ankle sprains, broken ankles, or a variety of other injuries. As an urgent care clinic, you can simply come right in for immediate care. Our certified professionals will perform any diagnostic services you require, which can include x-rays with our state-of-the-art x-ray machine. We will then apply any necessary treatments, which could include bandaging or applying a cast to the injured area. We’ll also offer any medications or referrals if you require them.

For the Long Beach area, Reddy Urgent Care has 3 clinics available to you. You can find their addresses on our Locations page. Our clinics are open extended hours and weekends, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. At Reddy Urgent Care, we look forward to helping you heal quickly!

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