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Drug Screening

Drug Screening in Long Beach, CA, and Paramount, CA

If you can’t get an appointment with your primary physician in a timely manner, consider visiting one of our locations in Downtown Long Beach CA, Bixby Knolls Long Beach CA, and Paramount CA. For more information, call us to schedule an appointment online.

Drug Screening Near Me in Long Beach, CA, and Paramount, CA
Drug Screening Near Me in Long Beach, CA, and Paramount, CA

Table of Contents:

What happens during a drug screening?
Why do I need a drug test?
Will I need to do anything to prepare for a drug test?
What do drug screenings look for?

The team at Reddy Urgent Care believes that every patient deserves to have access to the best medical treatment possible. We are dedicated to offering extensive healthcare services including STD testing, influenza treatment, injury prevention, and drug screening. If you need to get a drug screening test immediately, this is the place to do it. Below is everything you may need to know about drug screening!

What happens during a drug screening?

Usually, all you have to do during a drug screening test is provide a urine sample. Your doctor or healthcare provider will first give you instructions, hand you a container, and let you use a washroom. To guarantee a clean sample, follow these tips:
1. Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the container and providing a sample
2. Use the cleansing pad provided to clean your genitals
3. Fill the container as requested and close the lid right away
In some cases, you may need to have a doctor present with you while you provide your urine sample. This can prevent people from messing with the results of the sample and/or using someone else’s urine.
For rapid drug test results, you may be asked to provide a blood sample where the doctor will use a small needle to extract a small vial of your blood. However, routine drug screening will likely be done with a urine sample.

Why do I need a drug test?

There are four main reasons you may need to get a drug test: for employment, legal or forensic purposes, for a sports organization, or monitoring opioid purposes.
Drug screening tests are often a part of the hiring process. If you’ve applied for a job in health care, transportation, trades, pharmaceutical, information technology, or government, you can expect at least one drug screening test. Some companies may do surprise tests or mandatory yearly tests to ensure their employees are drug-free.
Legal Reasons
If you are part of a police investigation, court case, or are on probation, you may need to participate in a mandatory drug test. This helps police better understand the cause of car accidents and criminal cases.
If you know anything about professional sports, you know that doping can cause major scandals and end sports careers. Using drugs and steroids to enhance athletic performance is banned in professional sporting events. Basketball, hockey, football, running, and many other sports require frequent drug testing in order to participate in games and competitions.
Monitoring Opioid
Opioids are highly addictive pain medications that must be regularly monitored. Patients with chronic pain may be prescribed opioids but can be drug tested to ensure they are not abusing their prescription.

Will I need to do anything to prepare for a drug test?

No! You don’t necessarily need to do anything to prepare for a drug screening test. Take note that eating any foods with poppy seeds in them prior to the test is ill-advised. Poppy seeds can cause an accidental positive result for opioids. Other than that, you should be fine. Make sure to inform your doctor if you’re on any medications or supplements.

What do drug screenings look for?

Drug screening tests can screen for various illegal or prescription drugs in your system. Typically these tests will look for the following:
– Marijuana
– Steroids
– Barbiturates
– Heroin
– Morphine
– Oxycodone
– Fentanyl
– Methamphetamine
– Cocaine
– Phencyclidine
Drug screening is a common medical practice that takes very little time. Whether you’re being tested for work, sports, or probation, Reddy Urgent Care can help you. Walk into one of our locations or call to book an appointment and we can get you a drug test as soon as possible. Within 1-3 business days you should have the results you need to accept a job offer, stay with your company, participate in a sporting event, or simply go back to your normal everyday life. We serve patients from Downtown Long Beach CA, Paramount CA, East Side CA, Bixby Knolls Long Beach CA, and Los Altos CA.

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