Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing in Downtown Long Beach, CA

COVID-19 Testing Services in Downtown Long Beach, CA

Reddy Urgent Care cares about you, that is why during this pandemic we are providing COVID-19 Testing Services to the people who are exhibiting signs and symptoms linked with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please call us for more information. 

COVID-19 Testing Services in Downtown Long Beach, CA
COVID-19 Testing Services in Downtown Long Beach, CA

Table of Contents:

Who needs to be tested for the coronavirus?
What are the tests for the coronavirus?
What is a virtual visit with a doctor?
Do you offer coronavirus (COVID-19) testing in downtown Long Beach, CA?

Today, Reddy Urgent Care is providing curbside testing for people with any symptoms associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you or a loved one is experiencing any symptoms, then please call our clinic. We’ll be able to provide remote care and, if necessary, see you at our clinic’s curbside for testing. Keep reading to learn more about coronavirus testing in your area.

Who needs to be tested for the coronavirus?

Any person experiencing the symptoms of viral infection should be tested. The minor, most common symptoms of coronavirus infection tend to be:

• Fever
• Tiredness
• Dry cough

Those symptoms are usually mild, but they may be more serious. It’s also possible to experience severe symptoms like:

• Shortness of breath
• Difficulty breathing
• Chest pain
• Chest pressure
• Loss of movement
• Loss of speech

Symptoms may not become apparent until 2 to 14 days after a person becomes infected, or a person may not even show any symptoms. You and your loved ones may seem symptom-free, but it’s still important to socially distance, wash your hands, and take the other precautions your local health officials recommend.

If you or anyone you love is experiencing any of the aforementioned minor, common symptoms of viral infection, then you should get tested. If someone is experiencing symptoms that are or could be life-threatening, then you must call 911.

What are the tests for the coronavirus?

There are actually multiple tests for the coronavirus: the antibody test, the instant test, and the standard viral test. With the antibody test, a person can be checked to see if they previously had the coronavirus. This test can help medical professionals track the spread of the virus in your area and beyond, and may even help professionals find antibodies to the virus. This test is for people who are not currently experiencing any symptoms.

With the instant test, a patient can be checked immediately to see if they currently have the virus, but this test is in limited supply and for emergency use only.

With the standard viral test, a person can be checked for the virus. The method used for this test is a simple nasal swab. If you or someone you love currently has minor symptoms, then this is the test you’ll need, and Reddy Urgent Care can provide it. However, please do not come see us in-person, as this can put our other patients and our staff at risk of infection, and even put you at risk if you’re not currently sick. Instead, please call usWe’ll evaluate your symptoms remotely, and if necessary, set up a phone or virtual visit with a doctor. And if we believe you should be tested for the virus, we’ll invite you to come by our clinic for safe curbside testing.

What is a virtual visit with a doctor?

It’s a kind of telemedicine. Telemedicine is healthcare provided either over the phone or via a device like a computer or smartphone. In a virtual visit, one of these devices is used and a patient has a videoconference with a doctor. Advice, diagnosis, and recommendations for treatment can be provided. With the coronavirus, it’s important to have telemedicine because it can prevent spreading the infection and thus harming other people.

Do you offer coronavirus (COVID-19) testing in downtown Long Beach, CA?

Yes, we do. Reddy Urgent Care provides coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, and if you believe you or a loved one may need it, please call us. We’ll evaluate your symptoms remotely and decide whether you require a virtual visit or testing at our clinic’s curbside. Thank you for your cooperation.

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