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Urgent Care Clinic Accepting New Patients in Paramount

Urgent Care Clinic Accepting New Patients in Paramount, CA

Reddy Urgent Care is dedicated to providing you with all of your urgent care needs. Contact us for more information, or visit us at 8311 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723.

Urgent Care Clinic Accepting New Patients Near Me in Paramount, CA
Urgent Care Clinic Accepting New Patients Near Me in Paramount, CA

Table of Contents:

When should you go to urgent care?
What information do I need to be seen by a doctor?
Is Reddy Urgent Care accepting new patients for urgent care?

Urgent care clinics are medical facilities that provide immediate care for patients with non-life threatening conditions. These clinics are typically open extended hours and on weekends, and do not require pre-scheduled appointments, as they accept walk-ins. Urgent care clinics are a convenient alternative to the emergency room for patients with non-life threatening conditions, as they offer shorter wait times and lower costs.

When should you go to urgent care?

There are many situations that warrant a visit to urgent care, from mild injuries like cuts and small burns, to minor illnesses like the flu, common cold and conjunctivitis. Furthermore, urgent care is best utilized when:

– You need care for an acute but non-life-threatening medical situation (not severe enough for the ER)
– You are unable to make a timely appointment with your PCP and need to be seen right away
– Your PCP is unavailable
– You do not currently have an established relationship with a PCP

Urgent care clinics treat the following conditions, so if you ever find yourself experiencing any of these, be sure to seek out an urgent care clinic as soon as possible:

– Mild fever
– Nausea
– Minor aches, pains and fractures
– Small cuts requiring stitches
– Rashes or skin conditions
– Animal bites and stings
– Allergic reactions

Common illnesses such as:

– Strep throat
– Flu
– Pink eye
– Sinus infections
– Ear infections

What information do I need to be seen by a doctor?

When you go to see a doctor, in order for them to deliver the best care, you must provide them with several details about your life, including your medical history and current health status. This may vary from clinic to clinic, but typically includes:

List of Medications: Because it is possible for medicines to interact, causing unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects, your doctor must know about all of the medicines you take, including over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs and herbal remedies or supplements in addition to prescribed medications. Make a list or bring everything with you to your visit, and be sure to include the dosages and frequency.

Any Symptoms You Have: A symptom, which can include pain, fever, a rash, or sleeping problems, is evidence of a disease or disorder in the body. Be clear and concise when describing your symptoms, and use descriptive words to help your doctor identify the problem. While a physical exam and medical tests can provide invaluable information, your symptoms point the doctor in the right direction and can be incredibly revealing about your health. Be sure to mention when the symptoms started, how long they last, what time of day they occur, if they seem to be getting better or worse, and if they keep you from performing your usual activities or from living a good quality of life.

Your Lifestyle and Habits: To provide the best care, your doctor must understand you as a person and take a deeper look at your lifestyle and day-to-day routine. Be open and honest with your doctor; it will help them to better understand your medical conditions so they can recommend the best treatment choices for you.

Is Reddy Urgent Care accepting new patients for urgent care?

Yes, Reddy Urgent Care is currently accepting new patients for urgent care! If you live in or around Paramount, CA, and are looking for a quality and trusted urgent care for your minor injuries and everyday illnesses, come to Reddy Urgent Care today!

Call us today to book an appointment at our urgent care clinic, or simply walk-in to our clinic conveniently located at 8311 Alondra Boulevard, Paramount, CA 90723. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Downtown Long Beach CA, Bixby Knolls Long Beach CA, East Side CA, Paramount CA, and Los Altos CA.

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