Urgent Care in Huntington Beach, CA

Walk-in for immediate care at Reddy Urgent Care in Huntington Beach, CA. We are located at 7772 Warner Ave #103, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. We are a walk in clinic and open 7 days a week. Call now or simply walk In!

Urgent Care in Huntington Beach, CA
Urgent Care in Huntington Beach, CA

Urgent care emergencies, such as sprained ankles or a bad cold, can happen at any time throughout the year, and can be extremely stressful events for the entire family. Taking the time out of your schedule to go get medical care can be difficult for many families, and interfere with your day to day schedules.

Frequently asked Q/A’s

Why go to an urgent care clinic vs ER?

Most families turn to their nearest hospital for last minute medical attention, but this is often a time consuming and frustrating process. Hospital emergency rooms can involve hours of waiting time for non life threatening urgent care setbacks, and patients can be left sitting with other sick or injured patients.

At Reddy Urgent Care in Huntington Beach, CA, we offer the very convenient alternative of walk in urgent care services throughout the week. Instead of waiting hours for medical attention, you and your loved ones will be helped immediately by one of our friendly team members when you walk into Reddy Urgent Care.

Need to go to a nearby Huntington Beach urgent care?

Our clinic is conveniently located in Huntington Beach, CA, and we offer accessible care to patients of all ages, from children to seniors.

What type of medical services do urgent cares provide?

From a painful cut to eye infections, our doctors have you covered. We see a large variety of urgent care illnesses and injuries at our walk in clinic, and can help provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

We know that your family’s health always comes first, so we do our best to see to your needs in a stress free environment and have you feeling better as soon as possible.

Our team can help treat sprains, rashes, and infections that happen throughout the year. Rather than simply providing a prescription, we provide medical advice to help keep you healthy for longer.

Every patient’s health is different, and we can offer individualized medical care for patients of all ages.

How do I find a good urgent care clinic?

Our entire team at Reddy Urgent Care is made up of friendly and experienced medical professionals. Our urgent care staff have years of experience in family health care, emergency medicine, and pediatric urgent care services. In addition, we have trained professionals on site who can offer accurate and timely laboratory results and X-rays for broken or fractured bones. We promise a confidential and compassionate environment at our walk in clinic in Huntington Beach, CA and welcome patients from surrounding areas as well.

Walk into Reddy Urgent Care when you need us!

If Reddy Urgent Care in Huntington Beach, CA sounds right for you and your loved ones, then we welcome you to walk in today for all of your urgent care needs- no appointment needed!

We are a family friendly clinic and can offer medical diagnosis and treatment for a huge variety of non life threatening illnesses and injuries. If you have any additional questions about our walk in clinic or medical services, then we welcome you to give us a call today.

Our entire urgent care team in Huntington Beach, CA is ready to help you and your family feel healthier and happier soon. We hope to see you soon at Reddy Urgent Care!