Ringworm Treatment Questions and Answers

Anytime you experience a parasitic rash of any kind, it can feel quite violating and make you uncomfortable in your own skin! It is important to seek proper medical attention to get it taken care of, which we would be happy to provide at Reddy Urgent Care! For more information, call us. We serve patients from Downtown Long Beach CA, Lakewood CA, Seal Beach CA, Anaheim CA, Cerritos CA, Torrance CA.

Ringworm Treatment Questions and Answers
Ringworm Treatment Questions and Answers

Does UV light kill ringworms?

Ultraviolet (UV) light does, in fact, kill ringworms! However, while ringworms cannot survive under prolonged exposure to UV light, of which natural sunlight is an excellent source, you should still seek medical attention if you have ringworm. Sunbathing may be a helpful supplemental treatment to medical care for ringworm, but it should not serve as a substitute. In many cases, what looks like ringworm may actually be a more serious medical condition, such as Lyme disease—as such, seeking the opinion of a verified medical doctor about a rash that appears to be ringworm should always be your first course of action. That said, if you have any objects that you have or might have ringworm on them, setting them out in the sun is a great way to disinfect them if throwing them away is not an option.

Does the ringworm always glow under a blacklight?

In most cases of ringworm infection, the fungus will glow (fluoresce) if it is exposed to black light. However, this is not necessarily always the case, and other conditions that are similar in appearance to ringworm also fluoresce under black light, including Lyme disease. As such, it is essential to seek medical attention if you think you may have ringworm, even if you have a blacklight at home, as there are other tests that your doctor may run to diagnose ringworm or rule out other more concerning conditions. Our board-certified physicians at Reddy Urgent Care would be happy to take a look at your rash to determine whether or not it is ringworm and what way forward is best for treatment! You can also call us if you have any questions about ringworm, including how we diagnose this condition and what our treatment options are!

What cures ringworm fast?

For swift and effective ringworm treatment, it mostly depends on where the ringworm is located on your body and how severe it is. As such, mild cases of ringworm that do not affect the scalp (tinea capitis) or nails (onychomycosis) can often be easily treated with over-the-counter antifungal products like clotrimazole, which is known commercially as Lotrimin AF or Desenex, and terbinafine, otherwise known as Lamisil AT. However, more concerning cases of ringworm that do not respond well to initial treatment or that affect the scalp or nails will likely require prescription-strength medication. Examples of prescription medication for ringworm treatment include griseofulvin, known commercially as Grifulvin V or Gris-PEG, and itraconazole, which goes by the commercial name of Sporanox. When you come to Reddy Urgent Care for ringworm treatment, our expert medical doctors can help you decide which treatment route will heal the infection most thoroughly and quickly!

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