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Walk In Clinic With X Ray Service in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach & Los Alamitos CA

Walk in for x-ray lab testing on site with immediate interpretation by physicians who diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses from broken bones to chest pains.

Walk In Clinic With X Ray Service in Bixby Knolls, Downtown Long Beach & Los Alamitos CA

Accidents happen, and many accidents can lead to some aches and pains, or even worse. Sprains and strains are common, and despite how common they are, many don’t seek out the appropriate care for this type of ailment. Some sprains and strains can be from a slip and fall, playing a sport, or even a minor car accident. A lot of us tend to think it will get better with time and it will heal on its own. The truth is, some of these aches and pains may be masking a more severe injury, like a fracture. Thinking time will heal a fracture without medical care can lead to an increase in pain and even make the situation worse.It can also lead to permanent damage. An x-ray is what you need! Come to Reddy Urgent Care in Long Beach or Los Alamitos and start healing your sprain and pain the healthy way. Here at Reddy Urgent Care in Long Beach and Los Alamitos, we have on-site digital x-ray machines. Ditch the long wait in the ER. No appointment is ever needed, and we can get you on the path of healing.

Here at Reddy Urgent Care in Los Alamitos and Long Beach, we can take an image of any part of your body to look for a fracture that may be accompanying your strain orsprain. An x-ray from our experts will let us confirm that there was no fracture. It’s better to know for sure than to assume you are fine. Regardless of the nature of your injury, our doctors will stabilize the area and give you detailed instructions for its care when you are home. It is our goal to help you fully recover as quick as possible. Our certified x-ray technicians and board-certified doctors will look for one of two possible types of fractures; simple/closed or compound/open. A simple or closed fracture is the type of fractures that occur under the skin and do not pierce the skin. A compound or open fracture occurs when the bone penetrates the skin. If you ever experience a compound or open fracture, please visit an emergency room immediately. These types of fractures can be life-threatening, and an emergency room will be more equipped to handle that level of care.

At Reddy Urgent Care in Los Alamitos and Long Beach, our digital x-ray machines are also available for chest x-rays. Your primary care physician may request a chest x-ray if you have experienced a persistent cough, have had chest pains or shortness of breath. Our board-certified doctors at Reddy Urgent Care at Los Alamitos and Long Beach will go over every detail of your chest x-ray with you and send you home with a CD copy of all images. We can also at your request, forward copies to your primary care physician or another specialist so they can continue to give you the care you need. Your Reddy Urgent Care in Los Alamitos and Long Beach will also do chest x-rays for immigration physicals which are at times required by the immigration process.

Reddy Urgent Care has three locations near you open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 9 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. No appointment is ever needed for an x-ray.

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