Doctors Near Long Beach CA and Huntington Beach CA

Dr. Reddy and his team of medical professionals at the Reddy Urgent Care clinics treat children to seniors 7 days a week. Call us today for all your urgent care needs or simply walk in, with no appointment necessary.

Doctors Near Long Beach CA And Huntington Beach CA
Doctors Near Long Beach CA And Huntington Beach CA

Are you searching for a quality primary and family doctor in your area? It can be difficult to find one, and if you do, then he or she might not even be taking on new patients. Also, you’ll want to find a professional you can trust, and that your family will like.

Your doctor will help you with preventative care to keep you well, and you’ll rely on him or her a great deal. It’s important to find the right doctor, and we can help with that here at Reddy Urgent Care.

How do I find good doctors in my area?

You could spend hours or days doing research, Googling “Doctors near Long Beach CA and Huntington Beach CA.” You can check reviews or ask loved ones who they would recommend. These aren’t bad ideas, but they can take time, and then you’ll have to book a meeting with the doctor and determine whether the clinic will accept your insurance. On top of that, with these doctors you’ll have to book appointments for a week or so out, depending on their availability, and you’ll experience wait times in their offices.

A convenient alternative is to visit an urgent care clinic to meet their doctors. These professionals can provide many primary and family care services for patients of any age, including children. They’re just as qualified to treat you and your family as your typical physician is.

Here at Reddy Urgent Care, Dr. Reddy is our primary physician. She is board-certified, with a great deal of experience in family medicine. Our Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are capable, certified professionals as well, fully qualified to treat you.

How do I see a doctor fast?

For minor ailments, the best way to see a doctor as soon as possible and even within the hour is to come to an urgent care clinic like Reddy Urgent Care. You might be thinking that going to the emergency room (ER) would be faster, but the ER prioritizes patients with a life-threatening ailment over those with a non-life-threatening ailment. This means that at the ER, if your ailment is minor, you probably won’t receive treatment right away.

You absolutely must go to the ER if your injury or illness could be life-threatening, or if you’re unsure. However, if you’re sure your ailment is minor, then you can come to an urgent care clinic. For these minor injuries, you’ll receive fast, urgent treatment at an urgent care center.

Can I visit Reddy Urgent Care if my doctor is not available?

You definitely can, yes! If your doctor is booked up with many patients, then come see us instead. Our professionals will treat you with the same understanding you would expect from your primary doctor. Also, we can forward any test results or treatment results to your primary doctor, if you like. We can also offer referrals, just like your primary doctor can.

With Reddy Urgent Care, you can simply walk in for service. Appointments are not necessary, and wait times are minimal. We have an onsite laboratory, x-ray machine, and ultrasound devices to help us diagnose you better. We even have an in-house pharmacy for prescription pick-ups! If you have any kind of minor illness or injury, like the flu or a sprained ankle, we are able to help. We can provide vaccinations too.

Where are your doctors near Long Beach CA and Huntington Beach CA?

Our doctors near you are located at our 3 clinics for the Long Beach and Los Alamitos areas. You can view the addresses for these locations on our Locations page. These physicians are available extended hours to serve you better: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Friday or from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekends. Appointments aren’t necessary, so come on by our clinic for fast, convenient service! We look forward to serving you at Reddy Urgent Care!