The Reddy Urgent Care facility is staffed by medical professionals, each of whom have over 20 years of experience in an Emergency Room setting in the Long Beach and San Pedro areas. These skilled professionals will be able to provide services normally associated with a minor ER visit.

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Monday - Friday : 10am - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10am - 5pm

Tel: (562) 726-1383
Fax: (562) 726-1385


Bixby Knolls: Opened on August 3rd, 2015

4237 Atlantic Avenue,
Long Beach, 90807
Tel: (562) 336-1656
Fax: (562) 336-1659

Long Beach Center

123 Atlantic Ave,
Long Beach CA 90802
(Across VONS Supermarket)
Tel: (562) 726-1383
Fax: (562) 726-1385

Los Alamitos Center: Opened on January 7th, 2015

4288 Katella Avenue,
Los Alamitos, 90720
Tel: (562) 296-8514
Fax: (562) 296-8561

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